My work draws upon the environment in which I experience visual triggers that then enter an archive. These are usually photographs, films or objects that are then use in the creation of a work. It may be a series of drawings, a painting, sculpture or mixed media piece. Nature often features heavily and how light effects such objects, but manmade structures also play a part in my image selection and can often be combined with those I select from nature. As a ‘cultural nomad’ having moved from England to Australia I am looking for triggers that are distinctly part of the new environment I’m now living in. I am attempting to create something unique to this country or place and am heavily influenced by the Altermodern philosophy. This is an intrinsic part of my doctoral research that looks at how the art has evolved through the easy access to international travel and gathers, not just from a western tradition, but from an international eclectic of experiences and histories.

Physically my work strongly symbolizes light and dark or contrasts of experience through powerful visual forms or dislocation of the being, the journey to one place represented by extremes. They are often glimpses of a distinct motif, for example a sharp silhouette against a bright sky or the charcoal black of a burnt-out tree trunk, and that these can then be seen in other forms such as a void where we can project emotion. There has been a bridge between my work in England and that of Australia, a narrative where I have taken on a distinct change in atmosphere, a dryer more bleached environment, where fire and a parched process upon the Australian flora has dramatically inspired a new series of sculptures and paintings.

Group Exhibitions

2004 BC Exhibition, Oaklands College, St Albans, Herts
2005 Red Dot Gallery, Luton, Beds
2007 Annual Feature Show, Ashridge College, Hertfordshire
2004 & 07 & 10 Margaret Harvey Open Exhibition, St Albans, Hertfordshire
2007 University of Hertfordshire Graduate Show, Hatfield, Art and Design Gallery
2007 Free Range Truman Brewery Graduate Show, London
2008 Michael Brown Art Gallery, Centre for the Arts, North Hertfordshire College, Hitchin
2009 First year Goldsmiths MA exhibition, New Cross, London
2010 Worcester Open, Worcestershire
2011 Photomedia, Salon Show, Charlie Dutton Gallery,
2013 Hot One Hundred, Schwartz Gallery, London
2016 University of Hertfordshire MA Show, Hatfield, Art and Design Gallery
2017 DCA Research Exhibition, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Solo Exhibitions

2016                                    The Foyer Gallery, Broadway Gallery, Letchworth


2016                                    Contributed to the research project ‘In Pursuit of Error’ by Tracy Piper-Wright opening up the discussion about the nature of my photographic source material
2016                                    Research proposal written titled: Creating an Imaginary Place: Exploring an Altermodernist Approach to Global Narrative through the Contemporary Art of Peter Doig.


Started my Doctorate of Creative Arts course at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia