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do honey bees sting

Information and Questions on Honey Bees

This site has been designed to answer some of your questions about Honey Bees and in the process inform you about these interesting Insects. Start out by by going to one of our main pages like Information about Honey Bees where we cover all kinds of facts about the Honey Bee. Then we have covered a range of questions often asked about the Honey Bee in our menu bars, looking at different aspects of the Bee life including the sting, about honey and the beehive. We're also very interested in Beekeeping and there is a range of informaton on this subject in this website.

Honey bees are a subset in the genius Apis. Their distinguishing feature is that they produce and store honey and that they construct colonies or nests from wax. Currently there are only seven recognised species of honeybee and 44 subspecies. Honeybees are rare within the Bee kingdom, as there are roughly 20,000 known species of Bee. There are some related bees that produce and store honey but these are not considered to be true honey bees. It does appear that honey bees have their origins in South and South East Asia because most of the species are native to these regions. Bumblebees and stingless bees are close relatives to the modern honeybee and share some social behaviour which seems to be a trait of this particular genus. All honeybees live in colonies which consist of drones, workers and Queens. The worker bees are female and the drones are males. Find out more about honeybees further on in this website.